Rocky Pet Robot

Connect with your pets anytime, anywhere.

The perfect playmate for us!
Kiki’s pets

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Enjoy the company of your pet with Rocky, when you are not at home.

Pets want to show you and share their love no matter where you are. Stay connected through Rocky's video, audio, and interaction features.

The smallest member of your family can feel lonely, board, and insecure, especially when no one is around. Rocky keeps an eye on the health and well-being of your small companion.

Keep your pets happy, and see the happiness anywhere anytime.

Super companion for pets

Rocky Pet Robot makes everything about your pets more interesting and memorable.

Interact with your pets anytime and anywhere through the Rocky App.

Smart App

By HD video


Free 1GB cloud

Smart App

Smart App connects through a 1080P HD camera, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Real-time capture

Record your pets' most adorable moments.

Free 1GB cloud storage

Save and share the precious pictures and videos.

Automated or remote controlled snack giving

Connection and Happiness

Play with pets using the laser and the audio

Movable laser


Gesture control

Play games with your pet with movble laser pointer.

Audio interaction

Check in on your pet from anywhere.

Automated snacks, feed pets no matter how busy you are.

Rocky has a sixteen chamber snack box that releases treats on schedule or through the Rocky app control.

Smart snack box

Remote control

Treat your pet with ease

Blind zone free thanks to Rocky's omni-directional free movement.

A pet companion double as a smart and flexible housekeeper.

Crawler design allows for free movement on floor, ground tile, or carpet. As a result, Rocky is more than a buddy to your pet, and can also monitor every room in your home, giving you peace of mind.

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) with 360 degrees of movement

360 field of

standby time

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) with 360 degrees of movement

Rocky is equipped with a four-wheel omni-directional motion system that enables a maximum climbing angle of 15 degrees and a maximum obstacle crossing height of 1 inch.

Connect with
your pet.

Rocky Pet Robot


Picture is used for reference only, Please refer to physical objects.

Picture is used for reference only, Please refer to physical objects.

anytime, anywhere.